Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I love DLP!- Day 3 photos!

Day 3 was spectacular we did all the bits we had missed on the other days and more. We started by going to the princess pavillion and we got 2 slots!
Next we went to the spooky but awesome eerie phantom manor and the molly brown boat where I bought a t-shirt in the gift store with the lone ranger on for 25.99 and some batteries for 7.99

has anyone been to all the versions of this?

Next we went to Orbitron, Autopia (I am a terrible driver on this), Buzz and Star Tours. I also went in the Submarine which was brilliant as walkthroughs go. But watch out for the octopus.
love this piano
We had lunch in the gardens by the hotel. Then we saw the spring show.
Main St Residents

Spring is here!

After going to the Alice in wonderland maze, and the fairytale boats I got some double mickey cake! from the windmill
After a walls sundae we went on the tram tour and the cars rally then it was time for dinner at eos, before shops! I love the fashion store there. I bought a picture frame 15.99, mints 2.99 and a picture album 9.99 from world of disney.

In the park we went to harringtons and ribbons and bows for pins then on Pirates, Buzz and Orbitron again before a lovely viewing of dreams. I hope you too get a taste of some disney magic soon!

Love India 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

I love DlP- Day 2 photos!

Today we went to the studios for a great deal of the day. The 2nd park has lots to offer too!

It was my first time seeing the fab stars and cars parade despite it have been running for ages I never had a chance to catch the whole thing before!

What a neat little parade
spot the pin lanyard 

Later in the day I met Spider Man in his new meet & greet.  Mum loved watching the stunt show after this. 

motorbikes, fire and cars!
I liked seeing some old alice in wonderland sketches in 'Art of Disney Animation' 

pretty cool stuff
My favourite studios ride is parachute drop so I rode that 3 times this day!
For dinner that evening we had a special treat which is one of my best disney memories, such fun :)

Mickey loved my drawings and signed them ready to get mounted on my bedroom wall.

a few rides before the big show
Disney Dreams is a show with fireworks and lazers, water and flames and projections onto the castle, all to disney music with a ratatouille bit added which I think is new for the ride. I also loved how relevant the villans bit with maleficent is with the new movie out.

Disney Dreams is a really magical spectacle
 Love from India 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

I love DLP - day 1 photos

DisneyLand Resort Paris recently had their Spring Festival and I was lucky enough to celebrate 3 whole days there during my trip to visit my sister and baby,Sebastian , in Paris.

The decor for the festival upon entering the park was spectacular.

The 20th Aniversary decor is no more! hurrah! 

'how exactly do you intend on getting penguins to dance'

First thing was the Princess Pavillion which is very popular so I needed to book a slot.
The beautiful Cinderella 

Upon leaving it was switch over time so....
Princess waves!

Time for the Spring Promenade, This was like a mini parade for 'Swing into Spring'. 
The band were really into it!

Stars and Cars car with a spring makeover!

'I don't want her made all fluffy and sparkly'

Mickey Pizza at Colonel Hathis.
Add caption
After Rides, Rides and More Rides it was of to the Disneyland Hotel for...

Character descent of the stairs!

Next up were some more rides including my favourite! Pirates of the Carribean 

Sit at the back and no chance of being splashed!

Then the spectacular magic on parade....
Elsa and Anna float!

Aurora and Phillip!

After the parade we headed to Cafe Fantasia to watch characters leaving Inventions and have some tasty drinks and snacks. 

Mickey Waffles for me :)
Beautiful decor in the hotel bar

Day 2 photos and best bits coming soon



Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Disney Cafe In Harrods Review

Recently I went to the Disney Cafe in Harrods London for a lovely dinner with my mum. The cafe had a cute atmosphere full of Disney magic like being in Disneyland. It was London themed and had different Disney movies playing on the walls. Plus you got free Mickey or Minnie ears.

The menu was extensive for a cafe, and good value for Harrods
I chose to order the Mickey Ravioli £12 and my mum ordered a Falafel sandwich £8 then we shared some chips. £3

My Ravioli was delicious and the portion was huge! Mums sandwich was more like a burger and she was it was filling yet tasty.  The chips were crisp yet the real star would be the garlic mayonnaise dip.

We stayed in the cafe for a while after our mains before finishing our dessert. I was happy watching sleeping beauty and filling in word searches.

I ordered the Mickey Waffles for dessert and this was where problems arose! After waiting 20 mins we are told, the machine needed to heat up and it would be 5 more minutes. I explain that we are in a rush. 10 minutes later we are told the machine is broken. My mum was slightly angry wondering why we were not told earlier and asks for the bill. However the manager solved things partially by getting me some Mickey Brownies for free. I say partially as our visit to the shops had been delayed and I was not getting waffles.

No doubt the brownies and ice cream were delicious. (usually £7) I would recommend the cafe to any families who like Disney despite the problems. I am assured the machine is now working. If only I was in London to try them. I will just have to try them next time I am in Disneyland Paris.

belated birthday

My birthday was the 25th January so I am now 16, its not very exciting in the UK so I kinda wished I was in America (again). Anyway, as my pressie from my mum, I went to London to Madam Tussauds. It was brilliant. Then I had a pizza night with some friends. I also got the small world Holland Disney doll and some Gilly Hicks clothes.