Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I went to London near Christmas

Lego tree- St. Pancreas
I recently took a train to London with my mum and my sister Nic, we went to Hyde park winter wonderland then the shops and markets.
The entrance

The moose

The scary funhouse we went into

Spare meat this christmas!

We went on the spinning baubles

how pretty

Harrods- I want to live their 

we were disappointed by this 

The rainforest cafe

Hamleys window

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Christmas Is truly a time for baking so when my drama class did a secret Santa where we had to make something or buy something for less than a pound so I made some biscuits and decorated them using this recipe, http://allrecipes.com/recipe/the-best-rolled-sugar-cookies/ I used my Dr. Oetker icing pens, dessicated coconut, icing sugar, cocoa powder and chocolate chips.

They were very nice and had a crunchy texture.

The finished product that got a brilliant reception

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Putting the star on the tree

This year when we put up our tree I was finally big enough to put the star on the tree without standing on a chair! Result! We do not colour co-ordinate our tree we just put up any decorations we like! Each and every year we get a new decoration too, it is often a memory from a winter day out. Its good because when you get the decorations out, as you put them up you think oh yes I got this at Gulliver's world or, I remember getting this in Hebden Bridge the first time we went before my sister lived their.

Putting up the Christmas Decorations

We put our decorations up on the first of December....

Places to go this winter- Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge is a small area in Calderdale Yorkshire, It is a very pretty place to go and lovely to visit all year. If you go In the summer you can get an Ice cream from the Ice cream parlour, feed the ducks and paddle in the river. In winter the village becomes the sort of village you see on Christmas cards. The snow capped bridge makes a wonderful picture, icicles hanging, robins hopping. Here are some places In Hebden that you should visit.
The Canal
The shops to see the Christmas windows
Watergate tea rooms for a cream tea
The park
The local garden centre
The toy shop
The river
The bridge
Amazing window at The Yorkshire soap

The Tree house toy store


My lovely sister Nic over at http://archieandtherug.blogspot.com/ decided to have thanksgiving lunch. Here are my pictures...

Rum and Raisin, Sweet Potato and Cranberry pies.

My favourite the Sweet Potato pie!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Review on Quick winter warmer puds

I like having warm desserts In the winter and I am sure you do as well. Here are my opinions on 5 shop bought warm desserts.

The Cadbury Heinz pudding was my first stop when looking for a chocolatey pudding. It was not to sweet and really tasted like cadburys dairy milk but the cake was rather dry so there was not enough moisture. It needs more chocolate sauce. I often find this with the melt in the middle puddings but did not expect it with this. I would recommend getting a chocolate pudding with sauce in the middle and the outside to GU ones were nice too.

I liked the Mr. Kipling Sticky toffee pudding but prefer the Cartmel one, I don't like raisins in soft pudding only harder cakes and cookies though so I would much rather get Mr Kipling's Syrup sponge pudding.

Ambrosia Crumble Puds Apple & Blackberry Twin Pot image
I was disappointed by the Ambrosia crumble puds' because I love Ambrosia products. The crumble was not like crumble on an apple crumble cake and It did not warm up so the result was basically Apple and Blackberry compote and Devon custard and cold biscuit crumbs on the top. There was also not enough crumble for the amount of custard and compote. Because this pudding was not very nice I am also going to review some other Ambrosia desserts.

This lovely custard Is my favourite Ambrosia product as I love toffee and caramel flavours. The custard was creamy and tasty! I could eat it on its own.

After having the regular rice pudding by Ambrosia this Banana flavour one was rather a let down because the banana flavour was synthetic and too sickly sweet. I felt a little bit sick afterwards and prefer the original rice pudding.