Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Your world of possibilities !

So... Everyone is talking about jobs and options. To be honest I think its all a bit over the top at 13 to be planning your life but I cant really talk because I have most things planned :)
photo shoot image
I want to be an actress and a singer when I "grow up". I love to perform and have an audience. I have styled this part of the blog entry like an interview.
Where do you train?
I attend Carol Godby Theatre workshop to do a drama workshop. Carol is a lovely Individual who helps other lovely individuals learn how to act and she has an casting agency helping people get auditions. The workshop is mainly improvisation based as Carol believes Impro is equally important to script work. I also attend Carols singing class run by the lovely Claire and Jodie, its very fun but I want to join a Choir too. Does anyone know of any good choirs because I am now home schooled so I am no longer In school choir. I also go to a fun free workshop on a Tuesday run by Mad theatre company.
 photo shoot image 

Have you had experience?
Yes, apart from the main parts in a long list of main parts in school plays and School Choir I have lots more experience. Last winter I starred in the Proper job theatre company's production of The Lion The Witch and the wardrobe. It was an open audition in a real theatre and I was a leopard. I was on stage for most of the production and had lots of lines. I was also in a Mad theatre production of Scrooge. I was the Narrator but I was told I connected with the audience too. And singing wise I am in Carol's Pop show every year. I have just started guitar.

Any Achievements?
I have my bronze arts award in performing arts. I am also grade 3 tap and grade 4 ballet and jazz after that I quit formal ballet lessons as I prefer more hip hop type dancing. And I have some Guiding awards but there not Important. By the way Girl Guiding is not as good as the website makes out, and the leaders are mean. 

As the gorgeous and wise idol Justin Bieber says NEVER SAY NEVER, follow your dreams.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How to make the ultimate pancake

Pancakes are totally awesome they are on my list of ultimate foods....
1.garlic bread
3.pasta chocolate fudge cake
yummy, but some pancakes are gross and hard. So what kinds are the best lets see...
American pancakes - thick and served with maple syrup
Scotch pancakes - small and sweet served with golden syrup
French crepe- thin and tasty served with ice cream
Dutch pancakes - perfect and served with lemon and sugar
My favourites are Dutch pancakes they can be served with an array of toppings
English Pancakes are good too these are the most popular toppings

savoury       I      sweet     
spinach        .      lemon        
cheese         .      sugar
strawberry   .      chocolate
banana         .      Nutella
and much much more including hot fudge niceee...
I think everyone should be able to enjoy perfectly tasty pancakes so I have put together a simple set of instructions to lead you to Pancake Paradise...............................................................................

230g flour
1/3 tsp of salt
2 medium eggs
1 pint of milk
50g  butter

1.sift the flour and salt into a bowl - if you are making sweet pancakes put half a tsp of sugar in too and less salt
2.crack your egg into the middle of the mixture
3.whisk it all together - by hand
4.add as much milk- as needed to get the mixture to the right consistency
5.whisk it up
6.melt the butter
7.pour a small amount of the butter into the batter
8.leave the mix for about 15 mins to half an hour
9.grease your frying pan with the left over butter
10. when you pour each dose of batter onto the pan swirl it round a bit so it is in a circle shape
11.when one side is cooked, flip it over
12.when both sides are even flip the pancake onto a pan
13. now repeat number from step nine and so on.. for each pancake
Thankyou click here now  for more tips and videos !!!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Shopping Trip :)

New York laundry blouse an floral pants
Today I have been shopping in some boutiques, I have taken some pictures of me in my new clothes! <3
Floral dress and belt
Beautiful rainbow maxi dress
                                                  ................Love the style             ............. what about you?
funky spotted dress <3


Lets talk fashion

Today I am going to talk about Fashion, which is just something we use in our everyday lives from even changing  socks to make them match your skirt to planning an outfit for a big party!
So what are people wearing on the red carpet?
Flower Prints, at the moment its all about florals....
Miley rocks orange carpet in floral dress!
I am going to tell you how to capture Mileys look for high street prices. 
Step 1. Look in high street shops- Sometimes even cheaper shops like Primark, New look, Shout and H+M have really nice clothes in also look in the Top shop and debenhams sales for bargains. 
Step 2. clear out time- clear out your wardrobe on a regular basis and sometimes you can give old clothes make overs eg. with a skirt that is now to short you could make a summery top. Old t-shirts can be converted with ribbons, tie die and fabric paint and a sparkly belt that belongs to jeans that no longer fit could also come in handy.
Step 3. Up or down. Before creating the ultimate outfit you need to decide if you want to tone it up (think party) or down (more casual). If you were wearing Mileys dress to a party you might use a sparkly silver belt, a diamond necklace and those killer heels however : If you were just going shopping with the girls you might use a plain black leather belt or a denim jacket and a matching bandana with some summery sandals.

Now here are some examples of how to rock the flower prints like Miley.........
The Model is wearing an River Island Floral maxi for £34.99  
I love this dress and the fact that it has a built in elastic belt!
The model is wearing a Floral skirt from river island £29.99
One of the best things about this lovely vintage skirt is the nice brown belt that comes with it for no extra.
Now to look at accessories...

Floral jumpsuits and dresses are nothing without belts, denim jackets and other little bits here are some i like...

This Cath Kidston bag is great at £12
I love the finish on the bag that makes it waterproof.
This ASOS trilby sells at £15

I love this hat it is so summery. These clothes are only simple examples of fashions from on-line sights but similar designs can be bought on the high street for better prices!
Please send pictures of you in your outfit to for me to feature.
byeee :) ps. check out my sisters blog

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Top UK days out

From a family point of view here is the best places to go all tested by my family...................

1. Crocky trail  
Crocky trail is a great outdoor adventure centre! It is a special treat at £10 but well worth it. Surrounded by grass and woodland the park starts with an array of slides and rides all made from recycled materials these include the titanic: a moving slide that moves to make you slide down, a traditional fun house hamster wheel, the slide of doom and much more fun! The actual trail takes you through the woods and over the river allot getting over the bridges can be tricky so you WILL get wet you pass lots of mazes, rides and a spooky tunnel before you complete the trail then you can finish of by eating a picnic, getting an ice cream and being a gladiator on more cool rides. If you liked go ape you will like this!
a bridge

2. Blackpool zoo
In my personal opinion Blackpool zoo is better than Chester zoo. Monkey wood and Lemur forest allow you to stroke and hold the animals in their natural environment, you get very close to all of the animals. The dinosaur safari is also great as you can learn about dinosaurs and meet the models. There is talks about all the animals and insect handling sessions. When I went I caught the sea lion feeding session and it was really funny and I watched the spectacular bird show which was amazing and colourful ! Also younger children can join Arnie Aardvark in the play barn a huge indoor play centre with a big slide. If you liked Knowsley safari park and Chester zoo you will like this ! also longleat safari park is a great animal day out if you can get there.
monkey forest

3. Smithills farm
This is the best farm to go to, ever ! From the friendly staff to the cute animals to the bouncy castles this is the best city farm around! You can feed the animals such as deer,goats,pigs and llamas with food from the gift shop and hold the more cuddly animals such as chicks, owls and bunnies in pets corner (and hold Mr.Wiggles the giant snake). You can also bottle feed the lambs and baby cows. Different showings are also open to the public like milking the cows and the falconry show (i once watched a cow giving birth). Before you go make sure you go on a tractor ride to feed the donkeys, go to the play area and ride a donkey, have cake in the cafe and visit the gift shop. Make sure you wash your hands before eating. If you like cute animals, horses and   farms you will like this
hold the chicks

4. The Museum of Science and Industry - Manchester
Great to help kids know that learning is fun at MOSI. In the new interactive area you get a card to scan in you information and your game results then the winners go on a special board with their picture and name! The games were really fun and educational.And you can see the worlds first computer In the Xperiment area you can carry out experiments play games and do fun activities such as Dance mat recycling, Making a tornado and finding out how fast you react! In the space and air building you can go inside old planes, fly a plane in the simulator, see the stars in the planetarium and meet the aliens. In the Underground gallery you can walk through the sewers and meet the rats then go inside the fantastic 4d cinema. In the power house you can power a steam engine and in the textile gallery you can learn where clothes are made and try making them.There are also more gallery's, steam train rides, food areas and gift shops. If you like The imperial war museum and The natural History Museum you will like this! Go soon to catch the lego show and the Harley Davidson tour.
the power house

5. Cadbury World 
One word to explain Cadburys is Magical! Hit the Cadbury cafe to eat the best chocolatey goodies the treck through the amazon forest and meet the tribes people as they explain how they found the Cocoa bean. Then travel through time more and visit the Cadbury shop and meet Cadburys founders in their little village. Then learn how chocolate was made and watch the chocolate  bars getting made in the gigantic factory machines and write your name in chocolate. After that you can experience what it feels like for the cocoa beans in the 4d cinema. Then watch the Cadbury adverts change through the ages when lining up to get into the Cadbury ride. The Cadbury ride is lovely you travel through the cocoa bean village in a bean mobile and see the cute little beans playing together through the seasons then pick up a photo before going to the interactive museum. Here you can see what you would look like made out of chocolate and fight with cream eggs. Then collect your free chocolate bundle and head down to essence where you design your own chocolate and make it! will you have a marshmallow chocolate bar or a popcorn one instead you can eat it melty and hot in a cup or let it dry and eat it hard. Then burn of those chocolate cals on the adventure playground.-Handy for rainy days. If you like chocolate you will like this!
The beanmobile

byee  xxxxxx :) and have fun !!

Just to say hiya

feeding the deer @ Longleat

I'm India and I'm sure you've read about me in the "about me" section but i don't want to skip that part. I did not want to start blogging without introducing myself so here I am!.  Why am I blogging? I have lots of opinions and ideas so my sister, Nicolette helped me set up a blog. here's some more info about me...................

My favorite animal is a meerkat because they are so cute and funny when we went to longleat safari park we got up really close to some!

The Meerkats

My Idols are Justin Bieber for the singing side and Billie Piper for the acting side.
books i like at the moment :-  "at the sign of the sugared plum"  by Mary Hooper is a book about a teenage girl in the plague and "My sisters keeper" is also a current favourite.
bye for now :)