Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How to make the ultimate pancake

Pancakes are totally awesome they are on my list of ultimate foods....
1.garlic bread
4.hot chocolate fudge cake
yummy, but some pancakes are gross and hard. So what kinds are the best lets see...
American pancakes - thick and served with maple syrup
Scotch pancakes - small and sweet served with golden syrup
French crepe- thin and tasty served with ice cream
Dutch pancakes - perfect and served with lemon and sugar
My favourites are Dutch pancakes they can be served with an array of toppings
English Pancakes are good too these are the most popular toppings

savoury       I      sweet     
spinach        .      lemon        
cheese         .      sugar
strawberry   .      chocolate
banana         .      Nutella
and much much more including hot fudge niceee...
I think everyone should be able to enjoy perfectly tasty pancakes so I have put together a simple set of instructions to lead you to Pancake Paradise...............................................................................

230g flour
1/3 tsp of salt
2 medium eggs
1 pint of milk
50g  butter

1.sift the flour and salt into a bowl - if you are making sweet pancakes put half a tsp of sugar in too and less salt
2.crack your egg into the middle of the mixture
3.whisk it all together - by hand
4.add as much milk- as needed to get the mixture to the right consistency
5.whisk it up
6.melt the butter
7.pour a small amount of the butter into the batter
8.leave the mix for about 15 mins to half an hour
9.grease your frying pan with the left over butter
10. when you pour each dose of batter onto the pan swirl it round a bit so it is in a circle shape
11.when one side is cooked, flip it over
12.when both sides are even flip the pancake onto a pan
13. now repeat number from step nine and so on.. for each pancake
Thankyou click here now  for more tips and videos !!!!

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