Thursday, 21 April 2011

Just to say hiya

feeding the deer @ Longleat

I'm India and I'm sure you've read about me in the "about me" section but i don't want to skip that part. I did not want to start blogging without introducing myself so here I am!.  Why am I blogging? I have lots of opinions and ideas so my sister, Nicolette helped me set up a blog. here's some more info about me...................

My favorite animal is a meerkat because they are so cute and funny when we went to longleat safari park we got up really close to some!

The Meerkats

My Idols are Justin Bieber for the singing side and Billie Piper for the acting side.
books i like at the moment :-  "at the sign of the sugared plum"  by Mary Hooper is a book about a teenage girl in the plague and "My sisters keeper" is also a current favourite.
bye for now :)

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