Friday, 22 April 2011

Lets talk fashion

Today I am going to talk about Fashion, which is just something we use in our everyday lives from even changing  socks to make them match your skirt to planning an outfit for a big party!
So what are people wearing on the red carpet?
Flower Prints, at the moment its all about florals....
Miley rocks orange carpet in floral dress!
I am going to tell you how to capture Mileys look for high street prices. 
Step 1. Look in high street shops- Sometimes even cheaper shops like Primark, New look, Shout and H+M have really nice clothes in also look in the Top shop and debenhams sales for bargains. 
Step 2. clear out time- clear out your wardrobe on a regular basis and sometimes you can give old clothes make overs eg. with a skirt that is now to short you could make a summery top. Old t-shirts can be converted with ribbons, tie die and fabric paint and a sparkly belt that belongs to jeans that no longer fit could also come in handy.
Step 3. Up or down. Before creating the ultimate outfit you need to decide if you want to tone it up (think party) or down (more casual). If you were wearing Mileys dress to a party you might use a sparkly silver belt, a diamond necklace and those killer heels however : If you were just going shopping with the girls you might use a plain black leather belt or a denim jacket and a matching bandana with some summery sandals.

Now here are some examples of how to rock the flower prints like Miley.........
The Model is wearing an River Island Floral maxi for £34.99  
I love this dress and the fact that it has a built in elastic belt!
The model is wearing a Floral skirt from river island £29.99
One of the best things about this lovely vintage skirt is the nice brown belt that comes with it for no extra.
Now to look at accessories...

Floral jumpsuits and dresses are nothing without belts, denim jackets and other little bits here are some i like...

This Cath Kidston bag is great at £12
I love the finish on the bag that makes it waterproof.
This ASOS trilby sells at £15

I love this hat it is so summery. These clothes are only simple examples of fashions from on-line sights but similar designs can be bought on the high street for better prices!
Please send pictures of you in your outfit to for me to feature.
byeee :) ps. check out my sisters blog

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