Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Your world of possibilities !

So... Everyone is talking about jobs and options. To be honest I think its all a bit over the top at 13 to be planning your life but I cant really talk because I have most things planned :)
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I want to be an actress and a singer when I "grow up". I love to perform and have an audience. I have styled this part of the blog entry like an interview.
Where do you train?
I attend Carol Godby Theatre workshop to do a drama workshop. Carol is a lovely Individual who helps other lovely individuals learn how to act and she has an casting agency helping people get auditions. The workshop is mainly improvisation based as Carol believes Impro is equally important to script work. I also attend Carols singing class run by the lovely Claire and Jodie, its very fun but I want to join a Choir too. Does anyone know of any good choirs because I am now home schooled so I am no longer In school choir. I also go to a fun free workshop on a Tuesday run by Mad theatre company.
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Have you had experience?
Yes, apart from the main parts in a long list of main parts in school plays and School Choir I have lots more experience. Last winter I starred in the Proper job theatre company's production of The Lion The Witch and the wardrobe. It was an open audition in a real theatre and I was a leopard. I was on stage for most of the production and had lots of lines. I was also in a Mad theatre production of Scrooge. I was the Narrator but I was told I connected with the audience too. And singing wise I am in Carol's Pop show every year. I have just started guitar.

Any Achievements?
I have my bronze arts award in performing arts. I am also grade 3 tap and grade 4 ballet and jazz after that I quit formal ballet lessons as I prefer more hip hop type dancing. And I have some Guiding awards but there not Important. By the way Girl Guiding is not as good as the website makes out, and the leaders are mean. 

As the gorgeous and wise idol Justin Bieber says NEVER SAY NEVER, follow your dreams.

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