Saturday, 6 August 2011

spanishy type people

its not all fun and games I nearly killed her!

I have recently had a Spanish student stay with me here are my observations on the experience...
. Spanish people find it mega funny when an English person can't pronounce paella properly but when they can't pronounce palaeontologist properly they don't find the joke funny.
. They get on with any other Spanish people unlike us we often hate other English people
. Instead of facebook they use a network called Tuenti
errm thats it really...
Me and my friend clover both took in an exchange student hers was called Gabriella and mine was called Paula we both found it a rewarding and educational experience.
here are some pictures I will share with you....

this is paula

this is me,paula and angus

an educational trip to the museum

friends at the fountain

funky hats with me clover,gab and pau


party time!
email for more info!

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