Saturday, 8 October 2011

Best ever Carrot cake!

If you don't like carrots still make this gorgeous cake. It is not too carroty just nice and sweet, it is healthy as cakes go as the banana and carrots add a high level of sweetness so you don't need loads of sugar. This cake is seriously lush! Go on give it a go!

Don't let the deep orange outsides fool you the cake is actually a pale colour
8oz self raising flour
2tsp baking powder
5oz caster or light brown sugar
8oz grated carrot (around 4 depending on size)
2 bananas mashed
2 eggs
150ml sunflower oil
3 mini raisin boxes if you like raisins

6oz cream cheese (we used Philadelphia light!)
6oz icing sugar

for decoration use raisins, sweets, chocolate or nuts ( we used granola!)


Grease and paper cake tin, Preheat oven to 180 degrees c/gas 4 
using your hands squeeze the juice out of the grated carrot
mix the carrot, mashed banana,flour,baking powder and sugar together, then beat the eggs and oil together and add them. Mix it all up! Spoon the mixture into a cake tin then put in the oven. Cook for 1-1.1/4 hours. Beat the cream cheese and icing sugar together then spread it over the top. Then decorate!

mmmmmm.. (dribbles)

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