Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bury Light Night 2011

Hello everyone,
This post is about the Bury Light Night that took place yesterday from 5-late. The 14th of October celebration was a beautiful night situated all around bury town centre.

yummy food

magical fire garden

There were so many things to do that nobody could fit in everything. As free events go this was great! Activities included Garden de light, a magical garden of lanterns where you could wish on a lantern,a hot air balloon that lit up, A magical fire garden, Fireworks, Candle lit labyrinth where you can go through the maze and a giant poppy for remembrance.

Other activities included Paint a building with light, make an origami lantern, Listening to poetry in a teepee, live music, a specialist market, a diving display, dance shows, all night zumba, shadow puppetry and an urban drawing walk!

Of course not everything was free, some of the activities had small charges such as The Silent disco, a spooky murderous fusilier museum tour for over 16s, Cuisine and language from the Med and Glow bowling.

I had a look at all the things going on ate some Buddha lounge vegetable spring rolls and some millionaires shortbread. I hope the Light Night will be a new yearly tradition for bury's town centre as it was lots of fun!



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