Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Halloween activity ideas

I am a devoted Yahoo answerer and sometimes I like to Link my blog to Yahoo answers to save typing things up. Recently on Yahoo loads of people have been wanting ideas of things to do at Halloween Party's so I decided to help them. I love Halloween.

What can I do with a 4 year old for Halloween without spending lots of money?
Four year old children are very easily entertained why not do some baking and crafts during the day. You could make some tasty cupcakes http://familyfun.go.com/halloween/halloween-recipes/halloween-cupcakes/batty-cupcakes-688894/ why not make some skeleton gingerbread or rice crispy treats.

Then you could do some crafts, Pumpkin carving is always a winner but make sure nobody gets hurt, an autumn collage of leaves and twigs is exiting for little ones to try and so Is making a scarecrow for the garden. In the lead up to the evening try colouring in then a nice meal followed by trick or treating. When it gets late settle down to a films such as spooky buddies.

My daughters 12 and 7 are having a Halloween Party, what can we do?
You can make pizza for a spooky lunch and have a scary pizza competition followed by trick or treating, when you get back have some yummy cake then play the Mummy Game. To play the mummy game you need two teams, each team has a leader and each team has a roll of toilet paper, the teams have to make their leader into a mummy as fast as possible then the team with the best mummy wins! You can also play trick or treat- pass the parcel, Some layers of the parcel contain candy but the others contain spooky dares eg- show us your best mummy walk or scare another player. Then play the traditional game of bobbing for apples! Have fun!

I am 13-15 and want to watch a spooky film at my Halloween party what films are age appropriate?
Of course you want to watch a scary film but remember don't watch anything unsuitable, Films rated 18 can permanently damage your brain. Here is a list of great films you can watch.
High Spirits-12, Beetlejuice-15, The Haunting Hour-12, Teen wolf-PG, The Rocky Horror Picture show-15, Tower of Terror (Disney) 12, Halloween Town- PG, Ghost-busters-12.

I am an adult and want to have fun this Halloween what should we do?
Atmosfear is a fantastic game available to buy on-line why not buy that and get a spooky film then play a quiz about the film you watch!

Going out to a horror attraction for Halloween...?
If you have young children please do not go to a horror attraction. Passage of Terror and London dungeons advise no young children but Spooky World does not bother. We went in the daytime and there were plenty of traumatised children. Scary characters included, The man with the chainsaw in the hay ride, maze and house, a possessed girl and a cannibal. Even though they say it is scary at night and fine at daytime the lighting is the only difference. Horror attractions are meant for teens and adults and are fun for them but so if you have children under 10 that are not particularly gory then why not go to Smith-ills farms Halloween attraction or Bury's Spooky train ride rather than overpriced Spooky world/apple-jacks.

Love India xoxox

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