Sunday, 16 October 2011

Halloween costume help! :)

Hi you guys,
I am writing this post because Halloween is approaching! Halloween is great, Its a chance to dress up, a chance to get stuff for free and an excuse for a party.

For me this is great. I love baking Halloween treats, making things, carving pumpkins, Halloween music, spooky movies and getting something for nothing! (trick or treat!) The problem occurring to most teens at this time of year is costume trouble. All of the best Halloween costumes on the market are for adults or  children so if you don't fit age 11-12 or size 10-12 you have to think outside the box.

I normally order costumes on-line from American stockists for more choice and variety but the past few years upon needing age 13-14 costumes I have noticed that if costumes are meant for teens or 'tweens' the price is bumped up. I am not paying 64 dollars for a Halloween costume!

The reason I don't like getting adult costumes is because even if they are size 8 that fits me they are often too short or revealing. I don't want a long dress but I don't want to look like a stripper.

Last year I altered a teen dark fairy costume and made it into an evil rag doll costume because altering costumes is simple I just removed the wings and added woollen hair extensions, fishnets and glove-lets. If you want to alter a costume its simple maybe you want to ditch the witch hat and add devil horns or make a ghost girl costume into a corpse bride with a tiara or some net. If you have not yet got a costume then feel free to use this idea.

Zombie prom queen

Use a old pretty dress or prom dress. You can rip or add blood if you like but you do not have too. Make a sash using an old pillow cover then write 'Evil Prom Queen '11' or 'Zombie High Prom Queen'. Go crazy with fake blood, wear tiara.

If you like you can alter this into a pageant girl version with the sash reading 'Miss Zombie 2011' Or 'Miss world of dead 2011'

Here is a list of my costumes (that I can remember) for inspiration
Ghost (I was young)
Casper (still young)
Dracula's Bride
Frankenstein's bride
Charm School witch
Candy corn witch
Evil rag doll :)

Happy Halloween! I will send pictures of my pirate princess costume following Halloween. xx

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