Monday, 3 October 2011

How to create a university survival kit gift!

It was recently my cousin Rebecca's 19th birthday, both me and my mum wanted to get her a great gift that was also useful in life. The first thing to spring to mind was obviously money closely followed by vouchers but we felt these were a bit meaningless, they were ok for the other years but she deserved something special and for money to seem special a grande amount of money is needed. Finally we came up with the idea of a Uni survival kit crammed with helpful bits and bobs.

Me and Becky near last christmas
We went on a shopping trip the next day to buy the items.
We included

Thornton's good quality chocolate
ginger hot chocolate
peppermint tea
a huge variety of Indian spices for curry
a sleep mask
a relaxing candle
some of her favourite Green Thunder cheese
some gorgeous coffee flavour biscuits 

and some sauce for stir fries!

We wrapped it all in nice wrapping paper and put it in a tin foil covered shoe box with a card. Becky loved her gift and is now in uni. The gifts can be varied but as Becky is a foodie we included lots of edibles. 


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