Monday, 3 October 2011

Jeans, Winter wear?

To continue my pair of posts about Jeans here Is Jeans,Winter wear? the sequel to Jeans,Summer wear?
Are Jeans a one season item of clothing?
The blue skinnys, the print panda t-shirt, the wooden prayer beads and the matching
red cardigan and ear muff-headband complement each other splendidly  

The cutesy look, The distresses/dim-ante straight jeans, the ninja penguin
t-shirt,the gilet style cardigan the woollen raccoon hat and the pink monkey easy-scarf
create a cute Japanese inspired anime girl look!

These Boyfriend slouch jeans create a cosy look teamed with a
red and white winter style, ski lodge jumper, a plain t-shirt and the simple wooden beads.
I can wear jeans when I want!
So my conclusion to this fashion experiment is that
jeans can look fabulous all year round

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