Saturday, 15 October 2011

Rainbow fashion bytes- Purple!

Today's fashion byte is about purple! Lots of fashion blogs are about dressing up, but sometimes you just need to dress down, your not just going to chill naked! Comfy clothes don't have to be boring so today we will look at All In One suits - a trendy play on the tracksuit. So.. you know the drill, here is a list of things I think of when I see purple!..

Justin Bieber
girly colour
feeling sick
pretty flowers
my bedroom

If you get rid of the bad things (you don't want look like a Halloween grape or an ill person) you are left with NICE THINGS! such as Justin Bieber, pretty flowers and how the colour has a cute girly essense! Now unlike red ,purple is a less intense colour so we can bear a little bit more of it but it has to be the right shade of purple. Too much violet makes you too pink and too much grape makes you look well grape/ill. I might be talking gibberish but it makes sense to me. Now here it is PURPLE...

please ignore the socks x

Remember I'm not advising you wear it on the catwalk but one of the key tips to looking nice in your clothes is that you need to know occasion, yes of course you would't wear an one-piece to prom but you would look equally ridiculous wearing an evening dress and heels to Tesco or walking the dog! To make it more girly a thick black belt looks fab!
The One-pieces featured are uni-sex by the way and just to prove it....

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