Friday, 7 October 2011

Rainbow fashion bytes- Red!

Red is a cool colour. Today's fashion byte is focused on red! So first I have listed things I relate with red! If you want you can do the same at home.

So now onto the fashion part. I want a cute red look to wear but I don't want to look like a tomato, or a stress head, nor do I want to look like a bloody corpse or an embarrassed person. So I am going to concentrate on a look that is filled with the good things like roses or romance, Too much of a bright colour or any colour is overwhelming but a red top and tights with a different colour skirt and jacket could work! So which colour will I choose. I personally would choose black because its a shade, and shades like white, black and grey go with almost anything! Black and red together look particularly fab together.

Do you see what we did there we turned what could of been a angry tomato suit into an super cool everyday look!
Check back soon for a whole rainbow of fashion, a carrot cake recipe,a particularly bright night, cupcake mania, and some Halloween happenings!
love India x

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