Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Some good books!

All the questions on Yahoo answers at the moment are asking for present ideas for people my age suggesting that the age is awkward to buy for at Christmas and birthdays. I decided to list some good books  I have that people might like to buy them....

Dewey the library Cat- A must have for the animal lover in your life. This heart-warming tale tells the story of a homeless cat that becomes the heart of a local libary. Combine with Deweys nine lives for a larger gift and the receiving person can also read the tales of Church Cat and Marshmallow. This cat is like no other. The book is intended for adults but I recommend to teens as well.
Good if you liked Marley and Me.

Flood Child- This is a children's book but rather appealing to anyone with a sense of adventure. It is all about the future and what would happen if London was flooded etc.. Its really good! A great read!
Good If you like adventure novels.

At the sign of the sugared plum- This book is cool because you learn about the plague without realising it. A teenage girl is in London during the plague. She is working for her sister in their sweet shop. She falls in love but then has to flee for escape. Will she get out of London... Team this with The petals and the ashes (the sequel) for a bigger gift.
Good If you like female heroines :)

My sisters keeper- This book is very sad but worth a read just keep tissues on hand. A girl fights for her own body in court as her parents keep using her to give marrow and various other transplants to her ill sister.
Good if you like sad stories

The Georgia Nicholson books- These books are 'fabbity fab' and totally better than the angus thongs and perfect snogging movie as no movies ever do justice to books although the movie is good so why not team the books and movie together as a mega gift. Follow Georgia as she is determined to get her hands on a sex god and no mean older girls can stop her.
Good If you liked the princess diaries and Mates dates and mad mistakes.

Alice in wonderland and Through the looking glass- My favourite book ever, no matter how many times you read it, you still discover something new. These books are not only kids stories they are much more and great for all ages. The poetry and illustrations are beautiful and the storyline is enchanting.

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  1. good selection marley and me made me cry so I don't know if I can do one like that again. x