Friday, 2 December 2011

Any holiday vanilla biscuits

I love decorating cakes and biscuits and at Halloween I decided to make spooky biscuits. I went to the shops and purchased a cookie decorating kit from Dr. Oetker The set came with lots of different colours of icing in tiny piping tools. I found it very exciting.

Next I searched the web for a plain biscuit recipe finding on-line. I have my own recipes for gingerbread, ovaltine shortbread, chocolate cookies and orange curd snaps but not a recipe for simple basic cookie dough. I added extra vanilla extract.

The dough was super easy to make and roll out. I cut it into large circles using a knife as all my cutters were too small for my design. When the biscuits were ready I piped icing in my planned designs. I made a special doctor who cookie for my friend who was dressing as matt smith.

You could make the cookies in Christmas shapes over the festive period!

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