Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I went to London near Christmas

Lego tree- St. Pancreas
I recently took a train to London with my mum and my sister Nic, we went to Hyde park winter wonderland then the shops and markets.
The entrance

The moose

The scary funhouse we went into

Spare meat this christmas!

We went on the spinning baubles

how pretty

Harrods- I want to live their 

we were disappointed by this 

The rainforest cafe

Hamleys window


  1. What disappointed you about Trafalgar Square? I usually love the tree there but I see that they've used those blue-tinged lights and I really don't like them. I remember going up to London to see the tree for the first time and for some reason, I had it in my head that the lights were going to be coloured. I was so pleased when they were white. I hope they don't use the blue-tinged ones next year as well. I think white lights look a lot classier than coloured lights.

    I've never actually been to Winter Wonderland, although I haven't heard anyone say a bad word about it. One friend in London works fairly close to where Winter Wonderland is and he used to get the Tube there every day, just so he could have one of those enormous cheese, bacon and mushroom rolls for his lunch. I think it was a German company who did them.

    My mum and I did have a weekend in Covent Garden the December before last though. We'd been talking about doing that for ages and we just decided to book ourselves into London serviced apartments and do it. And we came home from that weekend feeling like we'd had a week's holiday. Covent Garden has such a lovely atmosphere anyway but at Christmas, it's even better. You've just got that lovely, bustling Christmas feel, not the insane Christmas shopping feel that you might get on Oxford Street. We didn't do much, just wandered around really. Far too much in the way of mulled wine and chestnuts were consumed but Christmas only happens once a year after all.

  2. I liked the lego tree better than the tree in Trafalgar square as I imagined it bigger, when you see it on TV and hear the hype you always build something up in your mind and are often disappointed. I find the blue lights rather strange as well.

    I thought Winter wonderland was rather overpriced being around £3-5 for a ride but all in all we had fun.

    I love the convent garden market there was lots of vintage jewellery to marvel at. I also went in an amazing toy store with lots of old fashioned toys. The tree there was very pretty.

    I liked harrods too, some of the decorations were tacky but hey, if you can't be tacky at Christmas when can you. We also stared at the 500 pound!!! crackers for a while.

    Thanks for reading my blog, please look at some other posts too, when I posted this one I was in a rush so I did not write much but others are more informative xxx