Monday, 30 January 2012

My 14th Birthday Party

My Birthday party took place on the 28th of January. It was a traditional kids party/ retro theme and was lots of fun. 
The menu consisted of sandwiches- Jam, chocolate spread and cheese, cheese and crackers, pizza, meat and veggie sausage rolls, vegetable sticks and hummus, nacho's and pizza dip, pizza, garlic bread, crisps, chocolate rice crispy cakes and rice crispy treats, biscuits and lemonade/ cherryade, chocolate bar milkshakes and hot chocolate.

Nearly all the decorations were home-made too. We played all the traditional kids party games like pin the tail on the donkey, squeak piggy squeak, piniata busting, musical statues and pass the parcel. We also played on my Karaoke machine and played Chinese whispers, what's in the hat (dares) and the story game. It was great to just have a laugh and bust some moves to the likes of Kylie, S club 7 and other 'when we were youngers' .

Then we watched Easy A ( GOOD MOVIE) with popcorn and settled down for a sleepless sleepover :)

The cake was marble cake with strawberry icing and super tasty, I will share a recipe soon x

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