Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Quick no cook Birthday cake alternatives..

Lots of people don't like to bake, its rather sad, I love baking!, also some kids are fussy and don't like cake. Some cake alternatives at birthdays are a cookie cake like I made for my brothers birthday- post coming soon, a cheese cake, or a profiterole tower. Here are some more inventive ideas.

Peanut butter jelly sandwich cake-
ingredients- peanut butter, any jam, white bread, icing sugar, cream, melted chocolate, sprinkles
Make enough sandwiches for the amount of kids at the party and cut into shapes, stack in a pile, pour icing sugar and single cream (whipped together) over the sandwiches, add lashings of melted chocolate, and sprinkles then chill. Can also be made with Nutella or cinnamon toast sandwiches.

My favourite thing trifle-
Get a huge trifle dish place  child's favourite crushed biscuits at the bottom- oreos and something hard like ginger nuts work well then add a layer of ambrosia custard in any flavour (toffee is nice) then a layer of their favourite fruit ( bananas and berries taste nice) then more custard then add a layer of their favourite shop bought cake mashed into chunks eg- angel cake/brownies/rocky road, then add the rest of the custard and some whipped cream and top with their favourite sweets.

Giant rice crispy treat
For this cake you just need golden syrup, rice crispies ( or any cereal) and butter, make like regular rice crispy treats and mould in a cake pan then decorate with a can of betty crocker frosting and smarties.
(for a chocolate cake add melted chocolate or cocoa powder)

Super chocolate fridge cake
Add crushed digestives, cocoa powder, melted butter and golden syrup to a bowl and stir then put in a tray and refrigerate. You can also add raisins or chocolate chips. Decorate with a layer of yoghurt or chocolate and sprinkles.

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