Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More Easter gifts

I found some more lovely Easter gifts that I just had to share..
Wooden Bunny £5 @Paperchase <3

Foil bunny £5.75 @Paperchase
Photo of Small Blue Easter Mug
Easter Mug £5 @Whittards of Chelsea

Nesting Bunnies £8 @Paperchase
Are they adorable or what! Other Easter gift stockists include M and S who have even released Easter crackers and Waitrose with their daffodil candles. 
Also available- Whittards full Breakfast set, Paperchase Bunny money box and M and S eggcups.

Fun activities for Easter Break

Here rare some cheap and mainly free activities to do with your family and friends this Easter...
1. Do Some Baking
Doing Baking is not completely free but ingredients cost next to nothing and you get some great edible results. I will be posting some new recipes soon such as a cookie cake and a marble cake so why not give them a try. If you are not born for cooking why not make no cook chocolate cereal nest cakes or rice crispy treats or buy a baking mix. Baking mixes are available at both pound-land and pound-world and you only have to add water, an egg or oil!

2. Have a picnic
Having a picnic with family or friends is great fun. Why not go to your local park or nature reserve with some sandwiches and cakes along with a blanket to sit on and make a day of your picnic, feeding ducks with your leftovers.

3. Have a night in
Monopoly, Game of life, twister, why not have a board game night during the holiday, other variations include a karaoke night, a Wii or PlayStation night or a cinema night with a movie and popcorn. All you need is an entertainment source and a pizza or two to settle rumbling tummies.

4. Have an Easter themed sports day
A great activity for large families is to have a sports day. The older children or teenagers can organise the mums and dads and small children into groups to run races such as the two legged race and the wheelbarrow race. To put an Easter spin on things try the Easter egg and spoon race, the bunny hop race and the chick relay race.

5. Organise an Easter egg hunt
You may think this is unoriginal but why not make it your own. You don't have to have a traditional Easter egg hunt with an expensive kit from Asda, you could do a huge neighbourhood or mall scavenger hunt then hand over a bag of mini eggs for the person who gets the most items. Or a pirate style hunt with a map and all searching for an X- marks the spot Easter treasure chest. For older children maybe even drive out to a beach and bury the treats under the sand like real pirate bounty. I happen to like a traditional hunt what about a hotter colder style affair or a arrow pointing bonanza or even a wild goose chase finding ridiculous riddles.

6. Do some craft
Spring is a fun time for craft because you can use nature around you for inspiration, daffodils were born to be drawn, pressed and made out of foam and spring greenery matches green felt tip pens ever so well. The easiest spring crafts are making Easter bonnets and painting eggs. I also like to make miniature gardens. Kits are available in various value stores with great kids craft sets.

7. Raise some funds
Fundraising is good in the spring as opportunities are endless. You could sell Easter treats at a bake sale, have an Easter raffle or a guess the name of the bunny competition. If organising something is too time consuming for you then why not sign up for a sponsored walk or run.

Happy Beginning of lent- So far I have stuck to no chocolate and crisps!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Alternative to chocolate eggs- A guide to Easter gifts

Why not give a small bonsai tree from the garden
Everyone loves chocolate but loads of people are trying to avoid the regular Easter egg this year this is because everyone usually ends up with way to many! Especially young kids. They either eat them all in one go and feel sick for the rest of the day or still have some the next year like me. Here are some alternatives I prefer.
This rabbit night light is adorable and a welcome addition to any kids room
or any Alice in wonderland themed room (like mine)
Its only £4.95- The same as most shop bought medium eggs.

Magic Choc 200g
So this is still chocolate but most kids would find this chocolate way 
more fun than an egg because it will also keep them entertained on 
a rainy spring afternoonhttp://www.hawkin.com/20670-16501-HB_GIFTS_FOR_GIRLS-5/gift-ideas/gifts-for-girls/magic-choc-200g 
Dvd's are a great Easter present, This new Winnie the
Pooh movie is only £5 on Play.com
Other spring time Dvd's Include Bambi, Watership down and Hop.

Why not give a great gift this Easter, other good Ideas are to give chocolate scented soaps from lush or body shop, spring time craft sets eg- Make your own bird box/ plant pot or anything else spring related.
 Paperchase and Whittards always have good Easter ranges If you have a tea or coffee drinker or a crafty person on your Easter shopping list.

love from India

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Unusual Gift Ideas for teenage girls

I like Yahoo answers and on of the most common questions is 'What should I get my daughter for her birthday' or 'what should I ask for for my birthday/Christmas?' Inspired by these clueless people I decided to create a list.

1. Something to do with their hobbies and Interests= Any good parent must know their child's general interests and this makes gift buying more simple. For example :- A pony mad 15 year old might like riding lessons, an own a pony day or a subscription to Pony Magazine. A music loving 13 year old might like a new guitar amp, keyboard lessons, or a karaoke machine. If they do not have hobbies then think about new hobbies they can start, If your 14 year old wants to be an actress or a ballerina then they are sure to love classes to help them perfect their art.
More examples
Tennis lover- Wii and Tennis game, tennis coaching.
Dancing on Ice lover- Ice dancing lessons
Budding Chef- Cookery holiday with PGL
Young Fashion designer- Paper Fashions books by Klutz, voucher to design their own converse to keep.
Think??? What category does the receiver fit into?
Great gift for young and old

   2. Give the gift of Fun
Red letter days and experience days are great gifts for teens who have everything material.
unforgettable experiences include-
 Meet the Meerkats/ Big Cats
 Zoo Keeper for a day
 Drive a race car
 Go Indoor Sky diving
 Recording studio experience
An unforgeable experience 

Other ways to give gifts of fun are too give tickets to a theme park, cinema gift cards, Magazine subscriptions, Cheque books with things like days out and cinema nights in, Adventure holidays, fan club memberships, facials, haircuts and merlin cards.

3. Sometimes its nice to have gifts to open so this bit is about material gifts that can be opened.
I have made a list of things
Nail art pens- great to express yourself
Window markers- Got to love no mess graffiti
That great item of clothing- Most girls my age like choosing their own clothes but a favourite t-shirt      can be easy to buy, check out http://www.truffleshuffle.co.uk/store/, and http://www.gettingshirty.com/
For anything from care bears to doctor who! Or take the easy route and get their heart throb (One direction/ Justin bieber) etc.. on a t-shirt.
Signed posters in frames
Rugs/ beanbags/ mirrors- your bedroom is important.

What a statement

Good luck and Happy gift buying ps- If anyone wants any photos featured on my blog just email them too Purpledragonfly25@gmail.com At the moment I am looking for pictures of snow people have taken and pictures of people with their favourite ever gifts to receive, and don't forget If you are feeling stylish send me a picture of your outfit to feature.

love India x

2012 Trend update- Animals and birds

I have always liked Animal and bird Inspired clothing and now its totally hot so lets have a look at how you can get the catwalk look! Hey that rhymed :)

First things first Do Not! under any circumstances just rush into a shop and pick up the first animal print item you see because let me tell you- a Lycra leopard print dress can look very cheap indeed! You need to find unusual items, sophisticated styles and the perfect accessories so do take your time.

If you lack precious time then I have done all the work for you, I have found some great items now all you have to do Is team them with the perfect outfits.

Rainbow Colourful Animal Print Design Handbag / Cross Body Bag
Combine this bag with a print free outfit for a quick and easy statement

For a night out with the girls, simply an afternoon tea or on a sunny day this dress looks great!
Who said comfortable shoes were ugly, Davina obviously disagrees
pop over to next if you love her range too
Bird of Prey Print Scarf
Check out this Bird of prey scarf

Other animal inspired fashions sure are out there, see how many you can spot next time you are in town, Why not buy a feather headband to wear- peacock feathers look divine!
Before I go I would like to share a link to a cute make-up tutorial..  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDbMs5tp6p0 

Want that look?


Current styles- 2012 - Neon

                    Here is a quick post of all my favourite Neon fashion trends...

Straight from the catwalk the latest neon designs.

Go all retro with this t-shirt from Play.com

Blue Banana Purple Lightning Bolt Design Earrings
Get the look with these amazing earrings from blue banana

This bright dress from asos has a cute print as well as a striking colour
it would make a very bold statement indeed!
Neon Colours Heart Print Over-The-Knee Socks
These cute printed neon socks are available in  pink, green and orange!
and they are only £5 from

Good luck getting this look everyone! Email me your photos of you in neon wear and I will be sure to
feature them in the blog

love India x

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Things I like at the moment!

At the moment I am loving...

Betty Crocker candles- Chocolate brownie and blueberry cheesecake

Chinese new year

Things with hearts on them like this cute cream of garlic mushroom pie that
i made! 
My current read- The Betrayal by amazing Mary Hooper