Saturday, 4 February 2012

2012 Trend update- Animals and birds

I have always liked Animal and bird Inspired clothing and now its totally hot so lets have a look at how you can get the catwalk look! Hey that rhymed :)

First things first Do Not! under any circumstances just rush into a shop and pick up the first animal print item you see because let me tell you- a Lycra leopard print dress can look very cheap indeed! You need to find unusual items, sophisticated styles and the perfect accessories so do take your time.

If you lack precious time then I have done all the work for you, I have found some great items now all you have to do Is team them with the perfect outfits.

Rainbow Colourful Animal Print Design Handbag / Cross Body Bag
Combine this bag with a print free outfit for a quick and easy statement

For a night out with the girls, simply an afternoon tea or on a sunny day this dress looks great!
Who said comfortable shoes were ugly, Davina obviously disagrees
pop over to next if you love her range too
Bird of Prey Print Scarf
Check out this Bird of prey scarf

Other animal inspired fashions sure are out there, see how many you can spot next time you are in town, Why not buy a feather headband to wear- peacock feathers look divine!
Before I go I would like to share a link to a cute make-up tutorial.. 

Want that look?


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