Thursday, 9 February 2012

Alternative to chocolate eggs- A guide to Easter gifts

Why not give a small bonsai tree from the garden
Everyone loves chocolate but loads of people are trying to avoid the regular Easter egg this year this is because everyone usually ends up with way to many! Especially young kids. They either eat them all in one go and feel sick for the rest of the day or still have some the next year like me. Here are some alternatives I prefer.
This rabbit night light is adorable and a welcome addition to any kids room
or any Alice in wonderland themed room (like mine)
Its only £4.95- The same as most shop bought medium eggs.

Magic Choc 200g
So this is still chocolate but most kids would find this chocolate way 
more fun than an egg because it will also keep them entertained on 
a rainy spring afternoon 
Dvd's are a great Easter present, This new Winnie the
Pooh movie is only £5 on
Other spring time Dvd's Include Bambi, Watership down and Hop.

Why not give a great gift this Easter, other good Ideas are to give chocolate scented soaps from lush or body shop, spring time craft sets eg- Make your own bird box/ plant pot or anything else spring related.
 Paperchase and Whittards always have good Easter ranges If you have a tea or coffee drinker or a crafty person on your Easter shopping list.

love from India

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