Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fun activities for Easter Break

Here rare some cheap and mainly free activities to do with your family and friends this Easter...
1. Do Some Baking
Doing Baking is not completely free but ingredients cost next to nothing and you get some great edible results. I will be posting some new recipes soon such as a cookie cake and a marble cake so why not give them a try. If you are not born for cooking why not make no cook chocolate cereal nest cakes or rice crispy treats or buy a baking mix. Baking mixes are available at both pound-land and pound-world and you only have to add water, an egg or oil!

2. Have a picnic
Having a picnic with family or friends is great fun. Why not go to your local park or nature reserve with some sandwiches and cakes along with a blanket to sit on and make a day of your picnic, feeding ducks with your leftovers.

3. Have a night in
Monopoly, Game of life, twister, why not have a board game night during the holiday, other variations include a karaoke night, a Wii or PlayStation night or a cinema night with a movie and popcorn. All you need is an entertainment source and a pizza or two to settle rumbling tummies.

4. Have an Easter themed sports day
A great activity for large families is to have a sports day. The older children or teenagers can organise the mums and dads and small children into groups to run races such as the two legged race and the wheelbarrow race. To put an Easter spin on things try the Easter egg and spoon race, the bunny hop race and the chick relay race.

5. Organise an Easter egg hunt
You may think this is unoriginal but why not make it your own. You don't have to have a traditional Easter egg hunt with an expensive kit from Asda, you could do a huge neighbourhood or mall scavenger hunt then hand over a bag of mini eggs for the person who gets the most items. Or a pirate style hunt with a map and all searching for an X- marks the spot Easter treasure chest. For older children maybe even drive out to a beach and bury the treats under the sand like real pirate bounty. I happen to like a traditional hunt what about a hotter colder style affair or a arrow pointing bonanza or even a wild goose chase finding ridiculous riddles.

6. Do some craft
Spring is a fun time for craft because you can use nature around you for inspiration, daffodils were born to be drawn, pressed and made out of foam and spring greenery matches green felt tip pens ever so well. The easiest spring crafts are making Easter bonnets and painting eggs. I also like to make miniature gardens. Kits are available in various value stores with great kids craft sets.

7. Raise some funds
Fundraising is good in the spring as opportunities are endless. You could sell Easter treats at a bake sale, have an Easter raffle or a guess the name of the bunny competition. If organising something is too time consuming for you then why not sign up for a sponsored walk or run.

Happy Beginning of lent- So far I have stuck to no chocolate and crisps!

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