Saturday, 4 February 2012

Unusual Gift Ideas for teenage girls

I like Yahoo answers and on of the most common questions is 'What should I get my daughter for her birthday' or 'what should I ask for for my birthday/Christmas?' Inspired by these clueless people I decided to create a list.

1. Something to do with their hobbies and Interests= Any good parent must know their child's general interests and this makes gift buying more simple. For example :- A pony mad 15 year old might like riding lessons, an own a pony day or a subscription to Pony Magazine. A music loving 13 year old might like a new guitar amp, keyboard lessons, or a karaoke machine. If they do not have hobbies then think about new hobbies they can start, If your 14 year old wants to be an actress or a ballerina then they are sure to love classes to help them perfect their art.
More examples
Tennis lover- Wii and Tennis game, tennis coaching.
Dancing on Ice lover- Ice dancing lessons
Budding Chef- Cookery holiday with PGL
Young Fashion designer- Paper Fashions books by Klutz, voucher to design their own converse to keep.
Think??? What category does the receiver fit into?
Great gift for young and old

   2. Give the gift of Fun
Red letter days and experience days are great gifts for teens who have everything material.
unforgettable experiences include-
 Meet the Meerkats/ Big Cats
 Zoo Keeper for a day
 Drive a race car
 Go Indoor Sky diving
 Recording studio experience
An unforgeable experience 

Other ways to give gifts of fun are too give tickets to a theme park, cinema gift cards, Magazine subscriptions, Cheque books with things like days out and cinema nights in, Adventure holidays, fan club memberships, facials, haircuts and merlin cards.

3. Sometimes its nice to have gifts to open so this bit is about material gifts that can be opened.
I have made a list of things
Nail art pens- great to express yourself
Window markers- Got to love no mess graffiti
That great item of clothing- Most girls my age like choosing their own clothes but a favourite t-shirt      can be easy to buy, check out, and
For anything from care bears to doctor who! Or take the easy route and get their heart throb (One direction/ Justin bieber) etc.. on a t-shirt.
Signed posters in frames
Rugs/ beanbags/ mirrors- your bedroom is important.

What a statement

Good luck and Happy gift buying ps- If anyone wants any photos featured on my blog just email them too At the moment I am looking for pictures of snow people have taken and pictures of people with their favourite ever gifts to receive, and don't forget If you are feeling stylish send me a picture of your outfit to feature.

love India x

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