Monday, 12 March 2012

How to make your own dog treats

I love dogs and I love baking so recently I have made 2 lots of home-made dog treats.
The first treats contained oats, wheat flour, margarine, salt free gravy and grated cheese.
They could not be cut into shapes and were crunchy, I did not try them as they contained meat gravy.
The second treats contained strong brown flour, grated carrot, grated cheddar cheese, a little desiccated coconut and flora. I actually loved these cheesy biscuits, they had the sweetness and cheesiness of shop bought cheese biscuits, I found myself stealing from the animals.

My cat Bag-puss did turn his nose up at both, so I treat him with tuna or wafer thin chicken instead.
When I get my puppy I will give it lots of home-made treats, after research I have found that you can use peanut butter and fruit (not grapes) In treats too. I had an idea of making a yoghurt birthday cake. You can also make dog ice cream from bananas and yoghurt put in the freezer.

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