Friday, 6 April 2012

Chocolate vs Cheese take 2- Choccy Philly don't be silly

A few of you may remember my sheer determination Kraft could not steal Britain's pride and joy ( vegetable oil infused chocolate, I think so) Well, it contains more cocoa than Hershey. First they closed our factory's then they removed our milky slogan. Then they did this, If you have been around for a while you will remember my sarcastic predictions for a cheese filled Cadbury chocolate bar on my on-line video campaign. I honestly did not expect them to actually make, not a bar but a tub of icky Philadelphia cheese which only has 2 good uses (cheesecake and carrot cake frosting) infused with Cadbury goodness. I am not going to sink to the level of trying this concoction but am now proposing a request for cheesecake filled Oreo's which I believe will work much better.

 Also I am going to start a silent protest and not buy Kraft products. ( Within reason) please join me in my awesomeness. Here are the guide lines...
1. Do not purchase Kraft products from supermarkets eg belvita, terrys, cheese.

Oh yeah, well that's it, you can however accept gifts and free-bees eg- I can have a creme egg at the smithills Easter egg hunt as I did not purchase it they did. You can also get kraft products such as Oreo's or Milka In milkshakes or on ice cream as long as the joint do not display the product logo. Third and finally you can visit Cadbury Land as they could rip it down and build a roller coaster if it does not bring in cash.

If you are interested in watching my YouTube campaign then here is a link to a true blast from the past :)

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  1. So what good is boycotting the products going to do for the loyal Cadbury and Kraft workers in the UK (me being one)? The Factory you mentioned was already closing before the takeover, but there are still several fully functioning factories in the uk and the milky slogan as you put it, is still there...The Cadbury Brand is still as strong as ever !