Friday, 6 April 2012

Giving up chocolate for lent- Success

I knew it would be hard to give up chocolate for lent as chocolate is literally  everywhere, I sometimes go weeks without it without noticing but If you say you are giving it up it is 90% harder. I have listed some tricky bits.

temptation no1- Paul a colleague of my mum offers me a home-made cookie, I decline as it is my first chocolate free day and it turns out they are honey and raisin cookies so I GET ONE ANYWAY!

temptation no2- Rollers cafe are giving away free samples of their new chocolate cinnamon rolls no thanks :)

temptation no3- free samples of the new chocolate fingers in Morrisons ignored

temptation no4- On a trip to Slatterys chocolate shop I bought the rice pudding tart over chocolate which turned out to be an amazing choice as it is gorgeous!

temptation no5- free geobars after the sport relief mile- I took apricot not chocolate.

See!, One thing I did read was that you can indulge in your forbidden 'thing' every Sunday as it does not count. I thought this was kinda like cheating so I didn't take advantage but when I missed one of the chocolate chips when picking them out  of cookie dough ice cream I did not sorrow. I also indulged in chocolate when I was recycling last years Easter eggs into rice crispy cakes. I did not count options sachets as chocolate though as sometimes I have them with my medicine before bed.

Anyway, I am proud of myself. Off to eat choc-free hot cross buns laters' :)

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