Monday, 14 May 2012

Lush product reviews

Lush Product reviews- I love LUSH! I love that they are animal friendly and that they use natural ingredients. I had used their lip scrub, lip balm, perfume and bath bombs but only started buying their facial care range recently.

I got a free face-mask making workshop with a packet of Clipper green tea, and It was amazing getting hands on, we got loads of beauty tips and learnt how to cleanse properly, give facial and hand massages as well as getting skin care advice and making the face mask. I loved how the products used felt on my skin so we bought some.

Lush Fresh Farmacy cleanser bar- This unusual cleanser is in bar form. price varies according to size
good points- cleans skin well, contains no irritable ingredients
bad points- leaves skin sticky unless washed of extremely well, 'convenient bar form' is rather inconvenient as it is an awkward shape and will not fit in lush's soap tins so can attract bathroom bacteria.
verdict- would not buy product again, next time I am going to buy 9-5 or Ultra-bland as they are cream form.

Eau Roma Toner Water
This is a product in Lush's Toner range, it uses lavender and rose water. £7 for large bottle
good points- leaves skin feeling fresh and moisturised, multi-tasks- use with cotton wool as a toner and spray during the day to help protect skin.
bad points- none
vedict- I will buy from this range again!

Catastrophe cosmetic fresh deli face mask- £5.75
If you only buy one lush product let it be a face mask from their deli range they leave skin silky soft. This is the blueberry one I made they last a long time.
verdict- apart from keeping in the fridge these are brilliant, I want the chocolate one!

Grease lightning spot treatment

Good points- got rid of spots well
bad points- goes all disgusting when passes use by date, can spread bacteria if not applied with clean cotton wool or clean finder, feels a bit sticky on skin.
verdict- I would not buy again as I do not get spots enough to use it all before the use by date but I recommend it to those with acne prone skin.

Happy lush spending! Be sure to pick up a mini tin of charity hand cream, its a steal at £1!


  1. It's sad because I don't have a Lush near me:(


  2. Really, I thought they were everywhere x