Monday, 11 June 2012

List of things to do this summer

There are loads of things I would like to do this summer, some of them I have been meaning to do for a while, I have composed a list of all the things I want to do...

One of my favourite ever meals- (Lentil and sweet potato Shepard's Pie @ Automatic)

.Paint/ wall paper my dolls house- I got my doll house, (unpainted) many years ago and still have not  got around to painting it.

.Dye coloured streaks in my hair (semi permanent)

.Get my garden sorted and get our puppy. (we need to fix the fence before they will let us adopt a puppy)

.Learn to sing 3 songs really well

. Learn 3 monologues really well (It comes in handy)

. Go to a theme park, a water park and a zoo :)

. Enter a baking competition

.Make some things from

.Make some bunting for my Alice In wonderland themed bedroom

. Strengthen my fingers and learn 3 chords on the guitar (the little voice in my head just said ouch)

. Have a cookie dough explosion from the Knowsley (gk pubs), a cookie dough pizza from Fayre and Square or a sharing sundae from Frankie and benny's (whats summer without a giant sharing dessert)

. get better at swimming, I'm lazy when it comes to laps

.spend lots of time with family and friends

that's It really, but this list is just a general list of things I would like to do, not my Summer resolutions that list includes things like smiling at 50 people and seeing who smiles back etc.
(yes I am mad)

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