Tuesday, 17 July 2012

£100 Asos Blogger Challenge

At first this sounded easy to me, a competition to make an outfit for £100 or less!, that's loads to spend isn't it, well actually It isn't because when I started with the outfit I liked best and added accessories and shoes it came to £128. It does not help that Asos have so much lovely stuff!

So here It is...
Image 1 of A Wear Peplum Top With Peter Pan CollarImage 4 of ASOS Super Sexy Skinny Jeans with Stitch Detail
I started with a top and some jeans, as I wanted to make the most of the spending fee, The top is amazing and had a cute peter pan collar and the jeans were a bargain for £20!
A Wear Peplum Top With Peter Pan Collar- £20
ASOS Super Sexy Skinny Jeans with Stitch Detail- £20

Next I chose shoes and a matching yellow bag-
Image 1 of ASOS Washed Canvas BackpackImage 1 of ASOS MADDOX Lace Up Flat Shoes
ASOS MADDOX Lace Up Flat Shoes- £12
ASOS Washed Canvas Backpack- £28

I thought the blue and the yellow looked cute together and the vintage backpack was Irresistible! That brought me up to £80 so I added a straw trilby and a pretty pearl bracelet,

Image 1 of Seeberger Open Weave TrilbyImage 1 of ASOS Peace Sign and Pearl Stretch Bracelet
ASOS Peace Sign and Pearl Stretch Bracelet- £6
Seeberger Open Weave Trilby- reduced to £12

Done! at £98 pounds I even had money left for another bracelet with a 'PEACE' theme,

ASOS Peace Seedbead Stretch Bracelet reduced to £1.50
Image 1 of ASOS Peace Seedbead Stretch Bracelet
I finished at a grand total of £99.50 showing me I could create an outfit with a bag, shoes and accesories all from Asos for £100 and still have money left to go to the pick'n'mix counter at the corner shop for some 10p sweets!

You can see the competition guidelines here on Discount Coder http://www.discountcoder.com/blog/win-big-with-our-100-asos-blogger-challenge/

I really enjoyed this competition thankyou everyone at discount coder.com!

India xx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Guest Post- Michaella @Fashionable Unicorn

Here Is a lovely post from Michaella, probably the most fashionable mythical creature in the blogging world
here is her blog- http://fashionableunicorn.blogspot.co.uk/

What I'm wearing: Forever 21 dress, black belt, black sequin bow headband, and black combat boots

That's my fat cat, Oliver Greenjeans.

                                                xx Michaella

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What I am doing..

Hi not posted one of these In a while so thought I would do a Mash up

What I am reading,

I am currently re-reading my Heartland box set, It is an amazing series by Lauren Brooke about a horse ranch that rescue horses. The main character is Amy who's mum dies at the beginning while saving a horse. In the books Amy is 14 in the first book but in the TV show from Canada that I am watching online I think she is around 16 and the series is more for adults than teens but still worth watching if you love ponies!

What I am studying,

As you know I am Home educated, currently I am doing of Mice and Men In English and have read the book and movie. In science I am looking at doing a Bronze Crest Award because you can study animal behaviour and went to a science fair in Liverpool yesterday. In history I am doing all about the roaring 20's and can't stop thinking of Bugsy Malone and In Drama I am doing a project on Shakespeare's effect on theatre.

What I am wearing,
I currently am wearing my new Paul's boutique hoodie and I love it, every Pauls boutique product is 100 percent unique as they vary which badges they use.I am also wearing Bieber perfume from Xmas!

In my spare time... as sparse as it is- In my spare time I am writing stories and songs, playing Zoo tycoon 2 and Scooby Doo on my DSi,crafting, singing for fun and going to circus skills.

trapeze, floor skills, walking globe and tightrope are what I do on a monday :)

Agricultural shows

My sisters dog Archie
I recently went to Bury Agricultural show which was good as usual, I won a copy of  Black Beauty and some orange squash and saw lots of animals.

One of the Pony Club entries, Is it good I might join?

2 dogs least alike

getting puppy inspiration

My sand teddy

Dream Pony, Dapple Grey all the way (or aploosa)

Cheeky Pony!
I also went to Todmerdon agricultural show when Calderdale was flooded AND GOT SOAKED!, but my sisters dog Archie won places In waggiest tail and most handsome dog! and I got a mushroom soy burger and a giant cookie so It was not bad. 

Monday, 9 July 2012

My MAKE-UP favourites :)

I planned to use my own pictures for this post but I got bored waiting for my camera to charge to here it is anyway.

My Favourite Foundation is Rimmel Lasting finish Minerals,it is a loose powder foundation and came with a mini kabuki brush but I use my own brush because it was rubbish.

My Favourite concealers are Elf's under eye concealer and highlighter and Elf''s mineral concealer, I use the mineral concealer as a loose setting powder on my face and keep the other one for my eyes.


My Favourite Mascara is Clinique high Impact Mascara

My Favourite eye shadows are any by Urban Decay because they are super pigmented, great colours and have good staying power

My Favourite lip products are The Body Shops lip and cheek stain because it is great to pop into a handbag, My MAC cruella devil lipgloss from the Disney Villan range and my Loreal Colour Riche lipstick.
   L'OrĂ©al Paris Colour Riche Creme 214 Plum

My Current Must have is the Elf Mascara primer, it makes sure every lash is separate and triples the regular effects of your mascara.

Why not treat yourself to one of the items mentioned :)
Love and Kisses India

Meeting Cathy Cassidy @The Hilton

Last week was Manchester Children's book festival and I was lucky enough to get tickets to a lovely event at Cloud 23 Manchester Hiltons bar on the 23rd floor, The event was a talk from author the lovely Cathy Cassidy. First she read from her new book Summers Dream then she told us about herself and gave us some tips on day dreaming before a fun q and a session and a book signing.

Before leaving

Cathy Cassidy!

New Converse

Me and Cathy

In the lift

New hard back signed copy of Summers dream!

Summers Dream Is the 3rd In the chocolate box girls line of books, they each tell a different sisters story, summer has a dream to be a dancer but things take a turn for the worst.
My Favourite Chocolate box girls book is- Marshmallow Skye
My Favourite Cathy Cassidy book is Scarlett.

What I wore- 
Bow Headband- Essentials
Paul's Boutique hoodie- Bank
Turquoise Zebra Converse- Office
Orange ripple blouse- River Island
Faded blue jeans- Primark

Love and Kisses India 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Experimentation- Blue hair..

My sister treated me to getting my hair highlighted last week and instead of going for traditional blonde highlights or even red, I decided for the unconventional purple. However the assistant mixed the die wrong so I ended up with blue which I also like and its not permanent anyway and that's good because unlike tattoos, with hair and make-up there is always room to experiment.