Tuesday, 17 July 2012

£100 Asos Blogger Challenge

At first this sounded easy to me, a competition to make an outfit for £100 or less!, that's loads to spend isn't it, well actually It isn't because when I started with the outfit I liked best and added accessories and shoes it came to £128. It does not help that Asos have so much lovely stuff!

So here It is...
Image 1 of A Wear Peplum Top With Peter Pan CollarImage 4 of ASOS Super Sexy Skinny Jeans with Stitch Detail
I started with a top and some jeans, as I wanted to make the most of the spending fee, The top is amazing and had a cute peter pan collar and the jeans were a bargain for £20!
A Wear Peplum Top With Peter Pan Collar- £20
ASOS Super Sexy Skinny Jeans with Stitch Detail- £20

Next I chose shoes and a matching yellow bag-
Image 1 of ASOS Washed Canvas BackpackImage 1 of ASOS MADDOX Lace Up Flat Shoes
ASOS MADDOX Lace Up Flat Shoes- £12
ASOS Washed Canvas Backpack- £28

I thought the blue and the yellow looked cute together and the vintage backpack was Irresistible! That brought me up to £80 so I added a straw trilby and a pretty pearl bracelet,

Image 1 of Seeberger Open Weave TrilbyImage 1 of ASOS Peace Sign and Pearl Stretch Bracelet
ASOS Peace Sign and Pearl Stretch Bracelet- £6
Seeberger Open Weave Trilby- reduced to £12

Done! at £98 pounds I even had money left for another bracelet with a 'PEACE' theme,

ASOS Peace Seedbead Stretch Bracelet reduced to £1.50
Image 1 of ASOS Peace Seedbead Stretch Bracelet
I finished at a grand total of £99.50 showing me I could create an outfit with a bag, shoes and accesories all from Asos for £100 and still have money left to go to the pick'n'mix counter at the corner shop for some 10p sweets!

You can see the competition guidelines here on Discount Coder http://www.discountcoder.com/blog/win-big-with-our-100-asos-blogger-challenge/

I really enjoyed this competition thankyou everyone at discount coder.com!

India xx

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