Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What I am doing..

Hi not posted one of these In a while so thought I would do a Mash up

What I am reading,

I am currently re-reading my Heartland box set, It is an amazing series by Lauren Brooke about a horse ranch that rescue horses. The main character is Amy who's mum dies at the beginning while saving a horse. In the books Amy is 14 in the first book but in the TV show from Canada that I am watching online I think she is around 16 and the series is more for adults than teens but still worth watching if you love ponies!

What I am studying,

As you know I am Home educated, currently I am doing of Mice and Men In English and have read the book and movie. In science I am looking at doing a Bronze Crest Award because you can study animal behaviour and went to a science fair in Liverpool yesterday. In history I am doing all about the roaring 20's and can't stop thinking of Bugsy Malone and In Drama I am doing a project on Shakespeare's effect on theatre.

What I am wearing,
I currently am wearing my new Paul's boutique hoodie and I love it, every Pauls boutique product is 100 percent unique as they vary which badges they use.I am also wearing Bieber perfume from Xmas!

In my spare time... as sparse as it is- In my spare time I am writing stories and songs, playing Zoo tycoon 2 and Scooby Doo on my DSi,crafting, singing for fun and going to circus skills.

trapeze, floor skills, walking globe and tightrope are what I do on a monday :)

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