Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hello September :)

Some people are dreading September but as my life is school free and I rather enjoy most elements of studying ('most' excluding maths), I am looking forward to a new month for lots of reasons.

1. Days out and did someone mention yes, more days out.
September means the coming of just another month filled of fab opportunities for time spent with family and friends. Me and My mum are looking forward to attending the opening day of Glasgow's girls day out when it tours to Manchester. Girls day out is a special show especially designed for females and is this year being opened by Peter Andre.

2. Back to extracurricular activities...
September means its time to go back to Carol Godbys for drama and The Met for dance and I am starting horse riding again! (Post to follow soon) Also I found a great youth club at a local church I plan to attend.

3. New flavours, New Magazines and New Fashions

4. Seeing my Home Ed friends more

5. Its nearly Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and my Birthday Hurray

Have a Happy September Amigos

Its a chicken :)

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