Saturday, 10 November 2012

Unique Advent Calendars of 2012

Once again many people will buy chocolate advent calendars this year, but the choc's in the affordable ones always taste better in your mind and more plasticky' in your mouth, what's the alternative a boring card calender some will say, I say obviously they live in a hole...

No 1- toy advent calendars, top tip, stick to playmobile or lego as the character ones are rather cheap impressions of toys.

No 2- Book advent calendar, how adorable is this! everyday has a little Christmas story to read, other book advent calendars include colour me in ones like my one from last year :)

 The Nutcracker: Story Book Set & Advent Calendar

No 3- 
Sticker calendar!

I love these because I love stickers! :)
Advent Calendar Sticker Activity  

And for teens and big kids 
Clippy Advent Calendars
The reason I love them (glitter aside) is the fact they make a new decoration!

No 4- fill it yourself
Personalised Santa Advent Calendar

Can get pricey but full of personalisation, why not write a message for each day!

Makeup calendar :0
a cheaper version of the Selfridge's one that costs big bucks, reveal a new cosmetic item ever day :)
Color Instutute Advent Of Beauty - Make Up Selection Box

Happy 1st of December in advance my lovely readers
India xx

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