Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent Calendars and Tree

Christmas IS coming and the goose is getting fat, come and put a penny in the old man's hat.

My sugar and spice/ Evie Mae cosmetic calendar

dreamies calendar for Bagpuss

chocolate for me


Marnies dog calendar

Happy advent

Trafford Centre haul!/ shopping trip

I went to the Trafford Centre on Friday to see the Christmas Decorations, Here are some photos I took whilst I was there and some haul photos of my lovely buys!

Toffee nut praline latte

The new Hamleys toy store 



so pretty

my little pre xmas buys!

guess where I am from!- post to follow

guess where I am from!

The infinity scarf and sparkly jumper look just like some I saw in VS PINK but the scarf is actually from Forever 21- £6 and the jumper is from Primark £7

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dear Santa- An Insight to my Christmas list 2013

This year there are WAY to many things I would love for Christmas so here are a few of them compiled into a list form!

 1. DVD's

There are lots of DVDs and box sets I am after, including Disney movies and Whitechapel box sets.

2. American Apparel bits

The primary reason I like this brand is because its sweatshop free, I have some of the Basics range stuff on my christmas list. 

3. Hollister Bits 

I love the quality of Abercrombie and Fitch stuff and there two sister brands are virtually the same with the only difference being high street availability, different style/branding and the price!

4. One Direction Lipstick
MUA have launched this 1D makeup range and although it will not high end standard the packaging is damn cute and products start at £2.50! 

5. Disney Photo Album 

I really 'need' one to put this summers Disney piccys in!

6. A dicky bag 

Only dog lovers will get this but to explain to non-doggy people... its a cute little bag to put your erm doggies deposits into... :) 

                                                         Love from India 


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Guilt-free Gifts your ethical gift guide- 2013 - Part 2

I have listed, fair trade, eco friendly and vegan gifts in Part 1 now for part 2...

Section 1 /Charity gifts- gifts that give back

Oxfam slim 2013 diary £3.99 Oxfam
National Geographic Kids 125 True Stories of Amazing Animals
great book for kids £6.99 Dogs trust online shop

Purminerals have teamed up with national geographic to help the big cats when you buy this gorgeous gift set £24 M&S

Section 2 /Waste free gifts 
Zookeeper for a Day at Dudley Zoo
animal experience days £30- £200 virgin experience days and completely waste free
Aloe Vera plant gift in metal pail
Spider plant £19.00 Plants4Presents

Click to Enlarge
A magazine subscription is a recyclable and waste free gift- £25 magazinesubscriptions.co.uk

                                                            Love from India 

Guilt free gifts- Your Ethical gift guide 2013 part 1!

Yes Christmas is a time of love and family not only a time for presents but when we do give presents do we always make informed choices? If your gift Ideas play on your conscience then this is the gift guide for you. I would never try to ONLY buy sweat shop free clothes, or ONLY use fair trade products but I never wear Animal products unless they are second hand and I try only to use products not tested on animals.  Try using this gift guide to buy at least one guilt free gift this Christmas.

Mocha Soap £4 from Bubblelicious Boutique
Section 1- Vegan...
Lime Crime Vegan nail varnish- £6.20 from Lime Crime cosmetics
Booja Booja Hazelnut Crunch Truffles - 104g
Booja Booja Vegan Hazelnut truffles £6.99 from Booja Booja

Section 2- Fair Trade...

red flower bag, fair trade silk handbag, black silk bag
Silk flower Bag £12 Carols Crafts
People Tree Helen Spot Pencil Dress
People Tree Organic Helen Spot dress £48.00 Ethical Superstore
Sweatshop free Jersey Pocket Skirt £24.00 American Apparel

Section 3-Recycled/Eco friendly...
Recycled Pink Spot Lunch Bag
recycled polka dot lunch bag £2.95 Rustic Angels

Recycled Beatles Record Clock - Lady Madonna
Beatles record recycled clock £15.00 GOOMOO

Oxford recycled notepad £4.87 Staples

Stocking/gift bag filler guide

Here is my stocking/ hamper filling guide I am doing it by prices again...

Under £3-

For anyone who likes baths- Lush Butter Ball- A body butter or a bath bomb this is luxury for a low end price! £2.50 at

For a moustache loving teenager- Moustache earrings 0.78p on amazon

For a jewellery lover (or anyone who likes sparklies- I love this!)-elegant Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace (Made With Swarovski Element) 0.99p Amazon

Under £5        
Calvin Klein Flavoured Lip Gloss Set 3 x 9ml
For girly girls- Calvin Klein Lipgloss collection £5 Fragrance direct 
For a Disney or Computer lover- Stitch USB flash drive £3.99 Amazon

For nearly everyone!- Outnumbered Christmas special £4.83 Play.com
Bourjois Une Soft Minerals Powder Foundation 30ml
For Beauty lovers- Bourjois mineral foundation £3.99 Fragrance Direct

Luxury - 
For the deserving Apple and Avacado clay face mask- £12 Buddha Beauty
For Star Wars Geeks- Star Wars Origami- £12.99 Firebox
For the kids- Christmas dog with Sax, £15 Hawkins Bazaar- Talking animals and walking animals also available.
Toasted Almonds & Plum Crumble Classic Christmas Candle
For Candle people- Toasted Almond and Plum cruble candle £12- Flamingo candles.co.uk

                                                        Love from India