Monday, 7 January 2013

New years resolutions

I hate the 'not doing something' resolution so negative!, more positive resolutions are needed.

1. Be more organised
I hope the acrylic storage on my birthday list will help with this.

2. Look after my skin
cleansing and toning and moisturising with naturally sourced organic produce

3. Achieve something every week
This sounds mega hard and It is actually manageable, ideas for future weeks include...

Learn a chord on guitar (yes 1 chord every few weeks, I am that bad)
Draw and finish a picture
Nails/clothes/make-up to be proud of
write a monologue
write a type of poem I do not usually write or a short story about something new
learn a new song and practice till perfect
meet Justin Bieber (FOR LONGER THIS TIME!) or One Direction (OK not so simple but trying is achieving)

I am doing a book binding class come February so that will be an achievement!

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