Sunday, 24 March 2013

Concerts and more...

Just a general update on me and my life, Been to a lot of concerts and gigs recently, so I decided to do a review....

Justin Bieber Believe - Not as good as last time but seriously incredible! This guy knows how to put on a show...  Fireworks, paper cannons, cat walk and wings. The interactive videos tied in with the concert perfectly. This concert was full of back flips and surprises.

Support act rating 8/10  Carly Rae Jepson was really fun to watch and really engaged the audience including some participation. I have never been a Cody Simpson fan but everyone else seemed really happy with him. Maybe Its just not me. The highlight was Good time as I love that song, sadly I had to settle for Cody and Carly singing as Owl City did not appear. But ultimately an improvement from the smith kids and a rather bland British girl band in Never Say never UK.

Staging rating 10/10  Really incredible, most songs told a story which I love in big gigs! And Justin swam.... weird I know but a swimming Bieber is always a nice sight. Lots of height and depth on the staging and lots of coming round the audience through, wings, a catwalk and a crane thingy like last time <3 I could fully appreciate It being in FLOOR BLOCK A, by the catwalk!

Music rating 9/10 I had to give Justin's musical abilities a nice score- I loved the piano playing. I was disappointed, about the fact more new songs were not showcased... Justin's growing up and people need to get that. Distinct lack of Maria, I love that song (its about that pregnant bitch ) :)

Star rating- 8/10 Couldn't give my bieb's full marks but he needs a break! So he tried drugs if you read the lower reviews your know that frankly I don't care, as 'Hannah Montanna' once said "every body makes mistakes" and I'm sure you all Know Know what she's talking about..... If a tween gets It, the papers should. And being late... who takes a 5 year old to a concert aside from cbeebies live or disney on ice . Talk about #letkidsbekids! He apparently is not to blame and it was one concert, everyone's a bit of a twit sometimes even Justin Bieber.

One Direction- I didn't expect to rate this concert that highly but was pleasantly surprised. I have never seen the boys in person before and It was Incredible! They had a funny prank video playing when they got changed which I loved. They also had a ton of audience involvement through twitter! Also the screaming was not as bad as at Bieber probably due to the 5 steps of tiering. (5 boys). No backflips but hey, Zayn fails at the Macarena.

Support act rating- 4/10 for Camryn and 7/10 for 5 seconds of summer. I gave 5sos a 7 as they're music was nice but they weren't that cute and Camryn said they would be and I have her a low score as she was tone deaf! :)

Staging Rating- 9/10 AMAZING! They came out to a mini stage on a giant plank to talk to the back! and the colours and lazers were real pretty. Did I mention the giant beach-ball balloons... Oh Yes....!

Music Rating- 9/10 Surprising!, I heard rumours about 1D being bad live, but they were fab, And Niall played his guitar... :) And the Comic relief single was included! Love it!

Star Rating 9/10 (nobody's perfect) I love them all! Zayn is so cute, Niall is so funny and Irish, Louis is hilarious too, and Liam is so sweet, Oh and Harry. Harry is just Harry. I had to mark them down one due to Harry's reputation. I don't give a flying pig about anyone's reps but it seems the media do so hey... Harry seems to like to sleep around or did previously at least (with teens and cougars :) and be a bit of a rebel when It comes to partying. And the others probably are not saints either. It does not make them bad examples. I mean did you see them on Comic Relief! <3

Frankie Cocozza- A bit of a contrast here due to the fact that this gig was in a small licensed venue. So yeah I saw Frankie at Academy 3 in Manchester University Students Union. It was actually a nice night even if it was a little mad... I really rate Frankie's new music. Great dancing gig.

Support act rating -8/10. The first warm up act was great her name was Ruby Ann Patterson and she had some great music and played the keyboard. She comes from Manchester and I would recommend listening to her. The 2nd act lowered the score. The Robin Pierce Band had one of those very loud drummers which just went through me, the music was ok but the vocals were not so good. I would still rate them ok, If they didn't bring some drunken guys with them. They were quite old guys compared to everyone else at the concert and chucked loads of pints over everyone's heads!

Staging rating- Not Applicable. ( Small venue), Nice lighting though and audience participation through crowd surfing. ;)

Star rating 7/10 This guy has an pretty awful reputation but seems to actually be quite sweet and funny. He is a rebel but hey, On an interview he said he refused heroin. (gotta be a good thing) If you don't know his story Frankie was kicked off the X-factor for snorting some Cocaine, but it was a long time ago and I am impressed that with no support he managed to get into music. He genuinely cares about his fans who stick by him. And he also does admit to not having respect for girls who throw themselves at him, he may say yes but :) they would know if there are no dates it equals a one night stand.... Once again Nobody is perfect. I think he is awesome so yeah! Honesty is a good quality. He even contradicts himself by saying swearing does not make you any bigger of a person... Amazing.

Summary- So everybody, I really loved the concerts they were all lovely in different ways!

You can download Justin Bieber Believe Acoustic here-  ALL ACOUSTIC!

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or download it here-  Little Miss No Name is good :)!

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Lots of love and hugs India mwah

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