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The best Easter eggs and edibles on the market !

I know some people with allergies, intolerances and special diets find it hard to find Easter eggs so half of this post caters for them. The other half is for what I consider the best edible Easter treats and luxury eggs on the market.

Part 1 - special diets

1. The Best Vegan or Lactose intolerant Egg-
A. Budget-

Divine 70% Fair-trade Dark, Egg- Suitable for Dairy free and those who like dark chocolate.
Buy In Oxfam. I like this better than the 'milk' vegan eggs as they taste quite cheap and this is nice and rich but If you have a little one, choices and moo free, are more child friendly. £3.50

B. Blow it
Extra Large Family Easter Egg - Dark Raspberry Splat

Extra large dark chocolate and Raspberry egg from Cocoa Loco
This family sized egg is handmade and looks very tasty! It also has dark chocolate buttons inside
buy on website £29.99

2. The best gluten free egg.

A. Budget- 
This Thornton's bunny is a good size and only £5.00, most eggs in Thornton's are gluten free

B. Blow it-
Super Thick Half Dark and Half Milk Chocolate Egg with Truffles
This milk egg from Montezumas contains yummy milk and dark truffles. £17.99

3. Treats for those who do not eat chocolate, such as my auntie.

A. Budget-
Lebkuchen Hen
Betty's tea rooms sell, Easter biscuits, cakes and more, above are lebuchken hens, £3.90 Haribo also does some Easter stuff but nothing vegetarian.

B. Blow it -

Mini easter egg biscuit tin- Biscuiteers £30, biscuiteers also sell gingerbread men, easter bunny biscuits and large easter cakes which can be personalised.

4. Diabetic easter eggs
Most people think that people who cannot consume too much sugar cannot have easter eggs but they are wrong! Sugar free and less sugar more cocoa eggs are suitiable for all.

A. Budget - 
Thornton's No Added sugar egg. Sweet milky chocolate with a selection of caramels. £6.50
B. Blow it-
Serious Dark Wrap Egg Sandwich

Hotel Chocolat, less sugar more cocoa, cocoa nib wrap. £8
Choices, Cavalier and Balance also sell chocolate in Holland and Barrat.

Part 2- Luxury and fun eggs

1. The Kiddy Pleaser
MUM, MUM, MUM, I want one!
Satisfy the whining child with one of these, a friend took her kids to choose their own egg and one came with a 99p kinnerton egg while the other chose a £14.99 giant Cadbury egg. I see arguments when one finishes first.....

A. Budget- Thorntons little bunny egg with personalisation

B. Blow it!-

Slatterys luxury chocolate Easter figures. Online Slatterys easter chocolates range from £5.95 (slab) to £14.99 Reasonable for a children's blow it! (duck) but instore they have a wider range including giant eggs, mini eggs and even realistic chocolate. dinosaur eggs. The chocolate is very good!

2. The Lady in your life...
Women mainly love chocolate, spoil them.....

A. Budget- 
PRESTAT Salted Caramel egg- £14.99 Ok, Ok its a lot for a budget but I did say to spoil them and this is a classic egg, it also comes in a champagne truffle variety said to be a less costly dupe of Charbonnel Et Walker's offerings. If your wallet won't stretch then go to Marks and Spencer where the luxury eggs start at about £6. And look impressive.

B. Blow it!- Now we are talking
Booja Booja Around Midnight Espresso Truffle Egg, Large 138g
This Booja Booja egg is a hand painted trinket box filled with organic fairtrade espresso chocolate truffles and sets you back a total of £25 which is ok. Since the box lasts forever when the 12 large chocolates have been devoured.

3. The Animal lover-

A. Budget

Hope and Greenwood Keepsake animal egg. From Ocado this is £6.99 but You can get the animals alone for £3.50 and skip the girly packaging.

B. Blow it!
Milk Chocolate Badger  or Medium Milk Chocolate Gloucester Old Spot Pig Egg

This chocolate Badger is £20 and the pig eggs range from £13 to £20, but don't be led to think everything at Betty's is expensive as it is £4.95 for 4 lambs, baby pigs, or a white chocolate egg with 2 small bunnies!  The detail and quality is incredible!

4. The Major Chocoholic!

A. Budget-
Chokablok Chocolate Extremist Egg 150G
The Chocolate extremist, brownies, malt chocolate balls, dark chocolate and milk chocolate studded throughout a egg shaped slab. Tesco.

B. Blow it!
Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg
Rocky Road to Caramel, extra thick egg by Hotel Chocolat. 40% milk and caramel chocolate studded with brownies, rice crispiness and more chocolate with a huge variety of truffles and Easter chocolate shapes. Probably one of the most sophisticated and chocolatey eggs on the high street. £27 pounds and large enough to share.

I hope you like my list, Considering most big supermarket eggs cost £7.00- £10 and have bigger packaging than innards and do not taste and look that good, I think I did well. I know pound land sell eggs but grown ups probably would appreciate a bit more effort. If its a character egg your kids are after then fine but if you would like to get something special Slatteries and other independent chocolatiers sell lollies and chocolate bits with rice paper hello kitties dora the explorers and spongebobs on. I like a bit of Cadbury myself though, nothing wrong with a creme egg, but I prefer some H C or Booja Booja once a year.


Lots of love and last minute shopping

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