Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fashion thoughts and inspiration

Ever wondered if you were the celebrity, icon or model what exactly your trademark would be, something you never gave a second thought to could be the next big statement, copied hopelessly by high street shops and plastered across both vogue and the suburbs.  Make a list of looks you seem to fall back on, things people have noticed about you and things you like so much you wear alot whether it be party wear or city casual.

My List


I currently have only 5 pairs of sunglasses which I rotate over months my favourites being large kinds with brown or white frames. I would have 20's of pairs but I keep losing them!

Harem and Palazzo Pant's

I have a puppy who likes it when I wear bear  legs and shorts but I do not want her scratching and biting my legs, these are more comfortable than my jeans but not too comfortable like my tracksuits.

Trainers with skirts-

Not a fashion statement but I regularly wear nike, sketcher or converse trainers with skirts and dresses.

Love from India

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