Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Guilt free gifts- Your Ethical gift guide 2013 part 1!

Yes Christmas is a time of love and family not only a time for presents but when we do give presents do we always make informed choices? If your gift Ideas play on your conscience then this is the gift guide for you. I would never try to ONLY buy sweat shop free clothes, or ONLY use fair trade products but I never wear Animal products unless they are second hand and I try only to use products not tested on animals.  Try using this gift guide to buy at least one guilt free gift this Christmas.

Mocha Soap £4 from Bubblelicious Boutique
Section 1- Vegan...
Lime Crime Vegan nail varnish- £6.20 from Lime Crime cosmetics
Booja Booja Hazelnut Crunch Truffles - 104g
Booja Booja Vegan Hazelnut truffles £6.99 from Booja Booja

Section 2- Fair Trade...

red flower bag, fair trade silk handbag, black silk bag
Silk flower Bag £12 Carols Crafts
People Tree Helen Spot Pencil Dress
People Tree Organic Helen Spot dress £48.00 Ethical Superstore
Sweatshop free Jersey Pocket Skirt £24.00 American Apparel

Section 3-Recycled/Eco friendly...
Recycled Pink Spot Lunch Bag
recycled polka dot lunch bag £2.95 Rustic Angels

Recycled Beatles Record Clock - Lady Madonna
Beatles record recycled clock £15.00 GOOMOO

Oxford recycled notepad £4.87 Staples

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