Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Stocking/gift bag filler guide

Here is my stocking/ hamper filling guide I am doing it by prices again...

Under £3-

For anyone who likes baths- Lush Butter Ball- A body butter or a bath bomb this is luxury for a low end price! £2.50 at

For a moustache loving teenager- Moustache earrings 0.78p on amazon

For a jewellery lover (or anyone who likes sparklies- I love this!)-elegant Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace (Made With Swarovski Element) 0.99p Amazon

Under £5        
Calvin Klein Flavoured Lip Gloss Set 3 x 9ml
For girly girls- Calvin Klein Lipgloss collection £5 Fragrance direct 
For a Disney or Computer lover- Stitch USB flash drive £3.99 Amazon

For nearly everyone!- Outnumbered Christmas special £4.83
Bourjois Une Soft Minerals Powder Foundation 30ml
For Beauty lovers- Bourjois mineral foundation £3.99 Fragrance Direct

Luxury - 
For the deserving Apple and Avacado clay face mask- £12 Buddha Beauty
For Star Wars Geeks- Star Wars Origami- £12.99 Firebox
For the kids- Christmas dog with Sax, £15 Hawkins Bazaar- Talking animals and walking animals also available.
Toasted Almonds & Plum Crumble Classic Christmas Candle
For Candle people- Toasted Almond and Plum cruble candle £12- Flamingo

                                                        Love from India 


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