Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Disney Cafe In Harrods Review

Recently I went to the Disney Cafe in Harrods London for a lovely dinner with my mum. The cafe had a cute atmosphere full of Disney magic like being in Disneyland. It was London themed and had different Disney movies playing on the walls. Plus you got free Mickey or Minnie ears.

The menu was extensive for a cafe, and good value for Harrods
I chose to order the Mickey Ravioli £12 and my mum ordered a Falafel sandwich £8 then we shared some chips. £3

My Ravioli was delicious and the portion was huge! Mums sandwich was more like a burger and she was it was filling yet tasty.  The chips were crisp yet the real star would be the garlic mayonnaise dip.

We stayed in the cafe for a while after our mains before finishing our dessert. I was happy watching sleeping beauty and filling in word searches.

I ordered the Mickey Waffles for dessert and this was where problems arose! After waiting 20 mins we are told, the machine needed to heat up and it would be 5 more minutes. I explain that we are in a rush. 10 minutes later we are told the machine is broken. My mum was slightly angry wondering why we were not told earlier and asks for the bill. However the manager solved things partially by getting me some Mickey Brownies for free. I say partially as our visit to the shops had been delayed and I was not getting waffles.

No doubt the brownies and ice cream were delicious. (usually £7) I would recommend the cafe to any families who like Disney despite the problems. I am assured the machine is now working. If only I was in London to try them. I will just have to try them next time I am in Disneyland Paris.

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