Thursday, 31 July 2014

Automatic Bury - a review

One of my favourite places to eat locally is Automatic in Bury, It is part of the Bury Met Theatre and does lots of veggie food such as a falafel burger and crispy polenta fries. They also do a great hot chocolate and some proper good coffee.

I ordered Lentil and tomato cottage pie with sweet potato mash topped with crispy walnut, rosemary and carrot topping and a side of red cabbage. It was delicious and the textures were as good as the tastes. 

Mum ordered a dipping platter with homemade guacamole, salsa and hummus, pitta wedges and potato wedges. She enjoys little platters with bread and oil, mezze and ploughmans platter being her favourites when eating out but this was slightly different. 

we shared a garlic ciabatta bread with vegetarian pesto and balsamic vinegar, I usualy prefer garlic pizza bread but this was rather good.
I recommend a visit to the relaxed atmosphere that is automatic for some yummy food! look out for the workers lunch, fish and chips and tea and cake deals! and the fantastic kids menu including pasta or a hot dog, crudetes and dip, a cupcake or an ice cream and a babachino (hot milk).

                                                                 See you soon, India

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