Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I love DLP!- Day 3 photos!

Day 3 was spectacular we did all the bits we had missed on the other days and more. We started by going to the princess pavillion and we got 2 slots!
Next we went to the spooky but awesome eerie phantom manor and the molly brown boat where I bought a t-shirt in the gift store with the lone ranger on for 25.99 and some batteries for 7.99

has anyone been to all the versions of this?

Next we went to Orbitron, Autopia (I am a terrible driver on this), Buzz and Star Tours. I also went in the Submarine which was brilliant as walkthroughs go. But watch out for the octopus.
love this piano
We had lunch in the gardens by the hotel. Then we saw the spring show.
Main St Residents

Spring is here!

After going to the Alice in wonderland maze, and the fairytale boats I got some double mickey cake! from the windmill
After a walls sundae we went on the tram tour and the cars rally then it was time for dinner at eos, before shops! I love the fashion store there. I bought a picture frame 15.99, mints 2.99 and a picture album 9.99 from world of disney.

In the park we went to harringtons and ribbons and bows for pins then on Pirates, Buzz and Orbitron again before a lovely viewing of dreams. I hope you too get a taste of some disney magic soon!

Love India 

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